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Important Dog Training Information

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I have read a lot of good books and articles over the years on dog training lessons, but If there is one very important piece of information so often overlooked by dog trainers and handlers, than that is to get your dogs attention focused on you the owner/handler, before you can even think to start with training excersises. Getting your dog’s attention is so crucial that if you don’t,... [Read more]

Dog Training Secrets

There are few secrets to dog training that will insure that your dog will behave the manner you require it to and if you learn these dog training secrets and implement them, your pet will become a well-liked pleasant animal instead of an irritating liability that people want you to get freed off. Fortunately, there are methods to undertake every dog training matter. You just have to understand what are the secrets to dog training that will state you how to deal with specific... [Read more]

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    Dog Training Importance

    Dog training for your new puppy is very important for a wide variety of reasons. I know that some people already know that this is an important step in the life of your puppy, but for some people they might not even think about how important it is. I know that for me with an English Mastiff it was very... [Read more]

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    Training Dogs – Myth Three

    Dog whispering is the best method for training your dog – Wrong! Dog whispering is probably best known through a television program called “The Dog Whisperer”, featuring Cesar Millan. Although dog whispering is a humane way to train your dog, the belief that it is the most gentle way is not entirely correct. A lot of its effectiveness is through establishing dominance and ensuring your dog is aware that you are both in charge, and control, as the pack leader. Establishing... [Read more]

    Puppy and Dog Training

    If you have a new puppy or dog then you may be interested in providing basic dog training. The training of dog should be taught by an experienced instructor, or you can do the training yourself. The dog training by the instructor may vary in fee and it generally occurs in a class. If you do the training yourself then it is usually free of cost and you can do it at your... [Read more]

    Training Dogs – Myth Five

    Your Dog Feels as Though it is in Prison When You Put it in a Cage or Crate Wrong! Confinement means something very different to dogs and humans. To your dog it is an area they recognise as being their very own, and is somewhere they can go, and once there, know they do not have to do anything, such as protect you, alert you or even just keep you company – basically,... [Read more]

    Dog Training Online Advice

    Many people are searching for Dog training online information. The problem comes when we actually get to many of the results. There is a surprising lack of real information when we look for online Dog training. Many sites that we get to contain little or no actual training advice. They are all simply trying to sell us information. There should be a wealth of free information... [Read more]